SCREE: \ˈskrē\

The accu­mu­la­tion of loose stones one has to walk through on the way to the top of the mountain.

Join with us as we fol­low artists, film­mak­ers, entre­pre­neurs, design­ers, writ­ers, poets, come­di­ans, builders, and sci­en­tists through their tri­umphs, fail­ures and freak-outs on their uphill scram­ble to the top.

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Roll Call! SCREE Tech Lord Scott Archer

December 3, 2011

Scott Archer comes to SCREE as a tech guru with far-reaching vision. As a soft­ware archi­tect and entre­pre­neur­ial thrill-seeker, he is also a bound­less dreamer who believes this world is too small and goes too fast. When he is not fix­ing code or hatch­ing evil genius plans for SCREE, Scott is the lead archi­tect of sev­eral endeav­ors, includ­ing Full Sig­nal Inter­net and Glib Net­works. He earned his M.Phil in Bioin­for­mat­ics from The Uni­ver­sity of Hong Kong. Cur­rently, he lives near Boul­der, CO. Scott believes there is no such thing as strong cof­fee, only weak peo­ple and speaks cyn­i­cism fluently.