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The accu­mu­la­tion of loose stones one has to walk through on the way to the top of the mountain.

Join with us as we fol­low artists, film­mak­ers, entre­pre­neurs, design­ers, writ­ers, poets, come­di­ans, builders, and sci­en­tists through their tri­umphs, fail­ures and freak-outs on their uphill scram­ble to the top.

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Roll Call! Let’s give it up for Kimberly M. Wetherell

When I first met Kim­berly M. Wetherell, she had just fin­ished her first short film  WHY WE WAX — a hilar­i­ous doc­u­men­tary about the his­tory of bikini wax­ing. The cover of this film sports a sexy close-up of a woman, naked except for an out­ra­geous aqua­ma­rine merkin where her tri­an­gle under dis­cus­sion should be. In this film, Kim­berly art­fully dis­cusses every­thing from met­ro­sex­ual shap­ing trends to Brazil­ians gone wrong, even going so far as to con­coct an ancient Egypt­ian hair wax removal recipe in her kitchen involv­ing eggshells and cat dung. My fas­ci­na­tion turned into absolute gid­di­ness when later on she sent me a batch of home­made, drunken marshmallows…presumably from the same kitchen. Were it legal in my state to do so, I would con­sider send­ing her a pro­posal of marriage.

Sev­eral inter­na­tional awards later, Kim­berly Wetherell is now in full-swing pro­duc­tion of her first full-feature film, LULLABYLULLABY is a poignant drama about a Hid­den Child of the Holocaust’s invented life and her family’s dis­cov­ery of the truth. It is filled with lush imagery, imag­i­na­tive drama, and haunt­ingly beau­ti­ful music. The film promises to be incred­i­ble, of course, but what we here at SCREE are obses­sively honed in on is Kimberly’s jour­ney to get there. Hav­ing grown her grass-roots move­ment from a packet of seeds, she has had to work hard to accom­plish her dream. She has had to write the screen­play, raise the money, schmooze the right peo­ple, find and direct the tal­ent, and pro­duce this bad boy. In short, she is the real deal. Read more about writer/director/producer, Kim­berly M. Wetherell in our first issue.

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